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Shipping & Material Handling European International

European International (Fairs) Ltd (“EIF”) are appointed as the Official international Freight Forwarder, Customs Broker and co-official US Domestic Carrier. International shipping services will be offered in conjunction with a worldwide network of partners and in association with US partner, GlobeX Logistics.


Key Contacts 

International Shipping and Customs Clearance
European International (Fairs) Ltd
Daniel Bird
Tel: +44 1732 860 330
US Domestic Transportation (Ground & Air)
GlobeX Logistics, Inc.
Ty Warren
Tel: +1 940 584 0606

Advanced Shipping and Drayage Services 

Freight handling services will be provided by Art Craft Display - please refer to the General Service Contractor kit for information on Advanced shipping address/onsite shipping, labels and freight handling forms (Exhibitor Kit downloadable from the Resource center - pages 31 - 37).


Forklift Services 

Art Craft Display will be the only company allowed to manage and operate forklift trucks. This is for safety and insurance reasons. No other external forklift trucks will be allowed in the building. Please refer to the General Service Contractor kit.

Crate removal / storage

Labelled crates will be taken into storage after move-in, and returned once the show finishes. Labels can be found at the Service Center onsite.
When the exhibition closes at 3.00pm on Thursday June 30, 2022, the aisle carpet will begin to be taken up and then stored cases and packing materials will start to be delivered. The estimated time for returns will be 1-2 hours. Hired forklift use will begin after the cases have been returned.