Welcome Exhibitor



It has come to our attention that Global Housing Services Corp @globalhousingcorp.com (among others) are calling and phishing/emailing exhibitors and attendees, posing as our official hotel provider.  They do NOT have a business relationship with us. Further, they are known to have caused harm.

Groups such as Global Housing Services Corp @globalhousingcorp.com, Corporate Booking Services (CBS) @allcbs.com, National Travel Associates (NTA) @nationaltravelassociates.com and Exhibitors Housing Management (EHM) @exhibitorshm.com are also known to pose as official trade show housing partners when they are not.

Our housing group will never initiate a call or email you directly, without going through the official website or official housing email address reservations@foam-expohotels.com.

To ensure your safety, please only book through our event website, using the official 24/7 online hotels reservation link or phone number. DF Meetings & Events is the only official housing company associated with our event and their information is provided on our website. While others may contact you offering housing, they are not endorsed by or affiliated with the show. Beware that entering into financial agreements and providing personal information with non-endorsed companies can have costly consequences.

PLEASE NOTE: Smarter Shows will never contact you by telephone to sell you hotel rooms. If you have been contacted by telephone it is most likely to be a fraudulent booking agent.



Any offers to obtain / purchase attendee lists from 3rd party companies are a scam, using fabricated & falsified data based on the current information publicly available for the show. Smarter Shows will never sell or distribute data to any 3rd party companies – not only because it is illegal under GDPR laws, but also because we would never share information on our valued attendees and exhibitors without their express permission. We strongly recommend that you do not engage with these companies.